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Christoph Kummerer (AT/CH)
0penM1nd a metadata streaming framework for plants, brains and digital data processors.

0penM1nd is meant as a framework to explore the possibilities gained not so much by the option to stream actual audio or video information across net- works, but rather only a limited amount of control data gathered at the sender's endpoint. Thus 0penM1nd is critical about current trends in convergence between traditional producers of push media content and providers of network infrastructure. Additionally metadata allows the receiver to use it in an entirely different way to generate output and as such to explore it in different cultural contexts.

The metadata is the message

" what is streaming media good for, it's "baby take your knickers off", it's interactive porn" (James Wallbank, redundant technology initiative at the net.congestion conference, Amsterdam in October 2000)

As a first application of the framework an installation will be developed for the ex-stream exhibition. This installation will consist of two beds of mimosae, one of which is accessible to the visitors while the other will receive the physical stimuli from a computer networked with a machine observing the first bed. Just like human employees of the sex industry the mimosae cannot react instantly to all the users wishes, moreover - again like their human colleagues - they need a certain time off to relax. The metadata gathered will be trans- mitted using OSC (Open Sound Control) a recently developed standard trying to overcome the limits of classic 80'ies metadata technologies like MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) and this stream will also be made available online for internet users to [ab]use at will.

0penM1nd is entirely based on free software and runs on a free GNU/Linux operating system. All software developed for the project will be made available freely under the terms of the GNU general public license version 2 at's prototype labs (

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Christoph Kummerer (AT/CH)


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