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# The Institutions

Free Bitflows is a part of the exStream project. exStream is a two-year collaborative project in which five european media art organisations are working together through the exchange of organisational, artistic and technological resources to create a common platform for the creation and distribution of new media art projects.

Hull Time Based Arts (UK)

Hull Time Based Arts is an artist-led organisation, existing to pioneer and champion new work in time based media: film and video, live-art and performance, installation, sound & music, multi- and inter-disciplinary work, and digital, online and new media arts. Since the organisation was formed in 1982, HTBA supports the development of innovative new work though its digital production facilities, consultancy and support, commissions, residencies, a rolling programme of events and training opportunities and an annual festival.

V2_ Lab (NL)

V2_Lab is a workplace for artists, scientists and technicians that emphasizes exchange and meeting among the various disciplines involved in the realization of unstable media productions. V2_Lab gives technical and production support to artists researching and realizing unstable media productions. V2_Lab also participates in technical research projects aimed at stimulating the flow of knowledge and ideas among different disciplines.

InterSpace (BG)

InterSpace was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization and association of artists, curators, web designers, and technicians. InterSpace aims at developing alternative means and possibilities of artistic expression in new media technologies. The centres ambition is to concentrate intellectual, creative and technological potential in order to generate adequate structures and working conditions for the production and dissemination of new media art projects.

Institute for New Culture Technologies / t0 (AT)

Established in 1994 the Institute for New Culture Technologies / t0, is a net culture institution offering the arts and culture scene a platform for the self-determined use of new media. It creates both real and virtual environments for the realization of electronically networked art and investigates the reciprocal effects of art and technology, of science and politics. Its objective is to raise the awareness of the effects of new technologies on our culture and society and to promote the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, experiences, and innovations.

Bootlab (DE)

Bootlabs premises, the former Telegraphy Center of Berlin, hosts over 30 groups and individuals working with media related projects including digital audio and video production, editing and streaming, and collaborative software analyses and development, critical media theory, and other related areas of digital production. In addition to the actual workspace, Bootlab organizes public and semi-public lectures, workshops and video screenings related to media art and culture.

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In early June 2004 a digital culture event will be held in Vienna to examine the theories and practices for making new cultures of access viable.
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Free Bitflows is a part of the exStream project: Hull Time Based Arts, V2_, Bootlab, interSpace Media Art Center, Public Netbase / t0
The Institutions
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