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The Future of File Sharing: Darknet Reloaded?

Thursday 03.06. 17.00 - 19.30 / Semperdepot, Prospekthof
The famous Microsoft study concludes that the powers that be don't stand a chance to the reality of the so called "Darknet". A somewhat optimistic note from an unexpected side. At the same time, the legal and technical assault on file sharing and anonymity is in full swing. What is the future of free information exchanges? More anonymity? Or, on the contrary, will uncontrolled p2p disappear into social networks?


Ian Clarke: The Freenet Project
The Freenet Project is creating software designed to ensure freedom of communication on the Internet. This is achieved through the creation of a completely decentralized emergent architecture which allows the anonymous publication and consumption of information through a peer-to-peer architecture. The Freenet software has been downloaded by over two million users worldwide, and is already in use in countries such as China to circumvent government censorship.
Ian Clarke (IE/US)

Janko Roettgers: A Darknet full of friends
Darknets are increasingly seen as the future of P2P file sharing. Often people think of these networks as closed, enrcypted spaces with tight security measures and hierachic social architectures. At the same time there is another model emerging with websites like and Networks that utilize the power of social links and challenge their users to make risk-based decisions. This could not only lock out the bad guys (tm), but also help to develop powerful collaborative filters.
Janko Roettgers (DE)

Sjoera Nas: Digital anonymity and the law
I will speak about the possibilities for digital anonimity under the European privacy-directives, and give some examples of projects in Europe to promote the actual use of anonimity and pseudonimity. Addressing the future of file-sharing, I will present an overview of the current and scheduled legal actions against European file-sharers.
Sjoera Nas (NL)

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